Our Story

Our logo, inspired by the cheetah, perfectly embodies the essence of Mission Underwriters: agility, attention to detail, speed and guidance. A natural-born leader, the cheetah also symbolises determination and courage, qualities we believe you possess to create and manage your own specialist insurance MGA.

Backed by Altamont Capital (ACP Accelerant Holdings, L.P), a US private equity firm with over $4.3 billion of capital under management, Mission Underwriters was initially established in the US in 2021.

Mission Underwriters builds MGAs around talented and experienced Underwriters, providing them and their teams with the capacity and all of the business, finance, technology, marketing, and regulatory support they require to grow successful, specialist insurance MGAs.

Our growth

Mission Underwriters grew rapidly in the US and, as of September 2023, has recruited over 20 Programs. On the back of this success, Mission Underwriting UK Ltd (Mission Underwriting, UK Company House reference 05314336) was established in the UK in 2022 and, to date, has successfully launched 7 MGAs.

Our approach

Mission Underwriters UK & Europe enables each MGA to market itself to become recognised as a specialist brand within their insurance class expertise. Our model is scalable, repeatable, measurable and highly standardised to adopt best practices throughout, and will ensure each MGA attains the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and adherence to the regulations.

Let’s get started on your journey

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